sailor moon gifs

The gif you made of usagi and mamoru is great. Question the one right next to the one where mamoru touches the start locket, what episode or movie is that from? I can't remember and it's bothering me! Thanks in advance, continue doing a superb job!
‐ Anonymous

thank you! x

that gif is from the super s movie :)

may i ask what font you use on your gifs pretty please? :) love the blog, all the awards

i use arial, 12px bold and italic :) thank you so much!!


moon cosmic power!!

Mercury Power Makeup!

Moon Power, turn me into a doctor who works at a university hospital!

Don't hate me for asking this! But can you please (pretty, pretty, pretty please?) post more Mamoru x Usagi? You have perfect gifs of them! ❤️ please and thank you? :)

sure! do you have any specific episodes you’d like to request of them or do you just want to see more as i continue giffing the whole series?

best gif tumblr EVER ♥

thank you! i’m so glad you enjoy it :)